Chef Daniela Savone

Daniela Savone was born and raised in Westchester County, NY just north of Manhattan. Daniela is the 1st generation of Italian immigrant parents who moved to the states in the late 70's. With a Masters in Multilingual/ Multicultural education Daniela dedicated over 15 yrs of her life to teaching English as a Second Language. But her true passion was always cooking. It all started when she was just a little girl where she spent as much time as she could in the kitchen watching her Nonna cook. Daniela was always in awe of how her nonna made everything from scratch and never followed a recipe. She cooked from the heart and relied on her senses. Daniela's most fondest memory of her nonna is whenever she made her homemade potato gnocchi and would allow Daniela to roll each gnocchi with her little fingers. This is where Daniela's passion for cooking and feeding others all started. Growing up Daniela worked at her Father's authentic Italian Deli in NY where she learned most of what she knows to do in the kitchen today. Although Daniela hated having to slice salami on the weekends instead of hanging out with her friends, she owes much of her knowledge and appreciation of Italian cooking and hard work today to her father Luigi. A little over four years ago Daniela's nonna passed away and that's when she knew she needed to pursue her passion for cooking into something worthwhile and fulfilling. Daniela started teaching Italian Cooking classes in an adult education program in her old school district in NY. She shared some of her nonna's most cherished dishes and the story behind each one. With her classes many people encouraged Daniela to write a cookbook. Having spent so many summers in Italy in her father's home town, Boville Ernica where her family has a beautiful house and farm among the country side of Rome, Daniela wanted to honor her Nonna, her father, and stay true to their roots and base her very first cookbook on the authentic cuisine of Lazio. The cookbook was sold throughout the county and all the proceeds made were donated to her school districts scholarship fund to help pave the way for a graduating senior heading to culinary school. Daniela's first cookbook was such a huge success she decided to write another one highlighting traditional dishes during the holiday seasons. And yet again the book raised a significant amount of moneY. Yet Daniela wanted to do more. It was as if her nonna was telling her to keep going. Her passion for cooking just grew and grew and so after auditioning and making it all the way in the casting process of season 9 of MASTERCHEF on Fox with Gordon Ramsay Daniela resigned from her yrs of teaching and gave up everything in hopes to make her culinary dream a reality. Daniela was named Top 40 Best Home Cooks in America but unfortunately was sent home very early in the competition. This didn't stop Daniela in fact it just fed her drive even more. After being back home in NY after the show and putting her condo up for rent she made the courageous decision to leave all her family and friends and everything she's ever known and move down south for a cheaper cost of living. Daniela landed here in Columbia, SC which she now calls home and is finally fulfilling her culinary dream. Just a few weeks ago she had the wonderful opportunity to be the guest chef at the Farm 2 Table productions Harvest Dinner and give Columbia just a small taste of Daniela's cooking and passion. And now Daniela can finally give Columbia just what she set out to do. Daniela's passion truly shines through in her dishes. Every thing her nonna and father have ever taught her, how to use the simplest, freshest, most authentic ingredients and how to cook from the heart? is what you'll get to experience at 'The Joint'